Love Story Of A Boy With Short Meat Stick (2022)

Love Story Of A Boy With Short Meat Stick
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Movie Reviews: Love Story Of A Boy With Short Meat Stick

This is a Chinese adult film that tells the love story of a young man with a short child and the beauty of his class. Possessing a short, tiny and somewhat physiologically weak “meat stick”, the nerd boy Xiao Chu is extremely guilty and self-deprecating. Even so, he still has a crush on the class president, the best student in the class, and also the beauty of the class. Fortunately, the class president also liked him and the two quickly became a couple. The class president feels that Xiao Chu is very different from other men, he doesn’t ask for sex and is very serious every time he goes on a date. But after a year of knowing each other, the two stopped at the kissing step, she felt that there was something very “unstable” about her boy. Until that day, Xiao Chu mustered up the courage to “beat” the small class president, he wanted to prove his manhood. The class president agreed and the two walked hand in hand into Xiao Chu’s room to start raining. Xiao Chu immediately made an excuse to go to the bathroom, he went to the bathroom to turn his hand, because he did not want to be known for being short and weak. But no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t make up for the fact that his goods couldn’t fill her with a lover, and didn’t make her feel happy every time he made love. The class president also figured out: “Sometimes it’s not a very good thing to love each other but your boyfriend doesn’t ask for it”. Xiao Chu and the small class president’s journey to protect love without sexual pleasure begins here.

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