Catch the Ghost (2019)

유령을 잡아라
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Catch the Ghost (유령을 잡아라!) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Moon Geun-young and Kim Seon-ho. It premiered on tvN on October 21, 2019.

Yoo Ryeong becomes a police investigator in order to find her missing twin sister. She think her sister has been the victim of Subway Ghost. She does not always follow the rules as she strongly believes in justice. She partners with Go Ji-seok. With the help of Kim Woo Hyuk the police officer at metro who likes her, she search her sister in the tunnel without her boss knowing. Go Ji Seok famous because of his look and he is the best police officer at his class. He get the promotion to be metro police together with his ex-girlfriend Ha Ma Ri, but circumtance forced him to be a police officer at subway police and he breakup with his girlfriend. He is strictly follow the rules and doesn’t like trouble. But with a new partner he think about his past, why in the first place he become a cop. He find his old self. Later Yoo Ryeong want to split up, because she doesn’t want always depend on him, and maybe she feels something more than just a friend, but as Ji Seok tell her, no one can stand her antics except him in subway police. Ji Seok devastated but he give up. Inspector Gong, Yoo Ryeong’s new partner felt so stress with her antics. And after kidnapping incident in subway, Ji Seok in secret make a deal to take back Yoo Ryeong as his partner without her knowing. They are be a partner again, to catch a subway ghost together with their team.

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