The Offliners (2019)

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Movie Reviews: The Offliners

In Hong Kong, investing in finance, real estate and commerce are down-to-earth activities, but rich heiress WONG CHI-FEI prefers getting her head in the clouds, cofounding a start-up technology company with her best friend HUI CHING-WAI. A network hacking incident allows CHI-FEI to have a chance to know how capable IT genius DING SHUN-HEI is, so she invites him to join the company. SHUN-HEI is a geek and oblivious of his surroundings. He gets help from a nurse named CHEUNG LOI and overcomes his communication barriers. Gradually, he grows fond of her. Despite initial disagreements, CHI-FEI and SHUN-HEI become more cooperative and are even complementary to each other. Inadvertently, CHI-FEI develops feelings for SHUN-HEI…… Originally, CHI-FEI believes that technology is making the world a better place, however, her father WONG SAU-KEN, younger brother WONG CHI-LUNG and SHUN-HEI’s younger sister DING SHUN-YAN are respectively engulfed in internet controversies!

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