Yui Tatsumi’s Sexual Desire (2018)

Yui Tatsumi's Sexual Desire
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Movie Reviews: Yui Tatsumi’s Sexual Desire

Yui Tatsumi’s Desire is a Japanese adult movie revolving around the troubled love story of Yui Tatsumi and a gangster boss. In Shonan, there are two big gangs, Black Cobra and Shonan Lucifer, fighting with each other extremely fiercely. Nozomi, the son of the university’s third president, is someone who aspires to be at the top of Shonan’s underworld. While fighting Ryuji Asai over a territorial dispute, the head of Lucifer, Nozomi stabbed Ryuji with a knife. Years pass, and Nozomi returns from the juvenile school, but Shonan has changed. Lucifer is the leading gang, and Black Cobra is forced to disband. Disobeying the advice of Tatsuya, who was on probation, Nozomi ran to rebuild the Black Tiger Mura and recapture Shonan. Can Nozomi control Shonan?

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