Tayuan (2023)

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Movie Reviews: Tayuan

Tess, a young woman who came to the city for a job interview, arrived at the Airbnb apartment she had rented, only to find out that the place had been booked by someone else and a guest named Keith (played by Bill Skarsgård) was already staying there.

In this difficult situation, Keith suggested, ‘Why don’t you just stay here?’ Despite being reluctant and desperate, Tess decided to accept the offer and stay there.

However, that night Tess had trouble sleeping soundly. She woke up and found her bedroom door open. Then, she discovered a dark basement where another guest who lived with Keith crawled towards her, screaming, ‘Help me!’ Questions arose in Tess’s mind. How could Keith, the man who opened the door for her, reach this underground room?

Was he a victim used to lure other guests? Or was he the host of the place?

The film ‘Tayuan” seems like a nightmare for Tess in the apartment she rented. We will be taken into a tense and mysterious world, where these questions will be revealed.

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