Standing in the Time (2019)

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Director: Fu Dong Yu



Movie Reviews: Standing in the Time

A story that follows Lin Xiao’s journey to establishing a career in the world of publishing and how she finds love at the same time.

Lin Xiao has always been buoyed by her love for literary works and dreams of becoming a fashion editor one day. After graduation, she applies for a job at a publishing house but realizes on her first day that she has been ‘lured’ into the wrong department. Department head Qian Wen Feng has plenty of confidence in Lin Xiao and tells her that as long as she does a good job, she’ll have the chance to transfer to the editorial team.

Lin Xiao finds it difficult to keep up with the high-intensity nature of the work and her boss’s expectations, but her optimistic attitude enables her to face the trials that come her way. By chance, Lin Xiao encounters Zhou Zi Mo, a writer that she’s been working with and they fall into a romance.

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