Serve the People (2022)

Korean Adult Movie
(7 votes, average: 7.71 out of 10)
Status: Full MovieDuration: 146 min ,

Movie Reviews: Serve the People

Moo-gwang volunteers to be a kitchen police of Sa-taek, the divisional commander, dreaming of success. One day, Moo-gwang meets Soo-ryeon by chance, who is a young and beautiful wife of the commander. Soon, he feels a strong attraction by her. But, he is having internal conflicts between a class barrier that seems impossible for him to surpass and a desire to fall in love with her. It is obvious that either side will drive him to a ruin. Therefore, he tries to have self-control recalling his wife and children who are waiting for him with impatience. But, Soo-ryeon keeps deeply attracting Moo-gwang with her irresistible charm and it seems hard for him to resist.

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