Iron Girl: Final Wars (2019)

Iron Girl 3
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Iron Girl Final Wars: In 20XX, Japan is full of Cyborgs. Human developed Artificial Intelligence JUDA to protect the Earth. However JUDA started to attack humans since humans were planning a nuclear war and they are the real enemy of Earth. The fight between Human and Cyborgs flattened Japan. A military company started developing a secret weapon. Before its completion, the weapon was stolen. If the weapon is completed, there would be a final war. Vigilante “Resistance” sensed the danger and stood up. Meanwhile, people were turned into a Murder Weapon after their death. Those cyborg including Chris (Kirara Asuka) had lost their memories. One day Chris has a fateful meeting with mysterious girl Sara (Jun Amaki). However the mysterious girl Sara was the final weapon SARA.

Iron Girl: Final Wars

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