One Piece: Boa Hancock vs Luffy (2022)

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Movie Reviews: One Piece: Boa Hancock vs Luffy

The first meeting of the pirate queen Boa Hancock and the straw hat boy Luffy was a funny situation. At this point, Luffy wants Kuja’s pirate ship and returns to Sabaody. While Luffy wanted to seek help, he hid around a castle to avoid detection by Kuja’s guards who didn’t want him to enter the castle. This resulted in Luffy accidentally “landing” into the bathing waters where Boa Hancock  was naked. Boa Hancock once defeated the monster Gorgon and received his curse. The scar on Boa Hancock’s back is the effect of that curse, which can turn any creature to stone if they look at it. And Luffy saw Boa Hancock’s whole body and the scars on her back. This made Boa Hancock very surprised when Luffy saw it but was not petrified. This was also the first man who was able to escape this curse and greatly excited Boa Hancock. But when she recalled herself bathing and getting completely naked in front of a man, she was furious.

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