Killing in the Nude (1985)

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Movie Reviews: Killing in the Nude

Killing in the Nude consists of 3 stories according to the preferences of Hong Kong filmmakers in the 70s and 80s. The main story is about a boy seducing an innocent girl and then together. escape. But the other guy was also a security guard, so the girl was eventually arrested and returned to the cave to continue working as a prostitute with the new name Lan. In this unclean place, she has to fight for existence, believe in the right to live when everything seems to have cooled down for a long time. Season 2 begins when Lan gives birth to an old general when she takes him as an excuse. The general did not want to leave, but because of the war, he had to go to battle. Taking that opportunity, a loser under his hands killed both of them, causing the child to be transferred to someone else to raise, her name is Hao Hao. Hao Hao vowed to avenge the two and began by applying for a job as a prostitute, looking for opportunities to approach the perpetrator. The name Nude Killing was given to her is also the ending of the film.

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