The Love Lasts Two Minds (2020)

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Movie Reviews: The Love Lasts Two Minds

Yuan Qingli is the daughter of a general who was attacked by bandits on her way to a nunnery. After waking up from her coma, the now amnesiac noble lady undergoes a 180-degree personality shift. Qingli escapes an arranged marriage by cross dressing and working as a constable at Qinhe, where she meets Jingci, the adopted son of the Prince of Zhao.

The Love Lasts Two Minds

Jingci is responsible for escorting his childhood sweetheart Feng Mianwan to a neighbouring kingdom to cement political relations, and is ambushed along the way. Saved by loyal followers, he returns to his kingdom under a new identity, and works with the heroine to unravel Zhu Yougui’s political conspiracy.

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