Affair Is A Business (2022)

불륜은 비즈니스다
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Movie Reviews: Affair Is A Business

Being urged by his family too much, the tycoon Yeong Soo chose to marry Mi Ran so that he could live in peace. After living together for a while, he wants to divorce Mi Ran because their marriage is no longer beautiful due to incompatibility. Yeong Soo tries to convince Mi Ran to sign the divorce papers. But Mi Ran wanted to divide the property more, so she went to Joon Ho, who runs an “adultery” service business. She wants Joon Ho to set a trap for Yeong Soo to have an affair, and she will have an excuse to take advantage of the division of property. To deal with Yeong Soo, Joon Ho finds a sex master who has made many men miserable, who he calls Mi Mi.

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