Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 (2014)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Series
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Movie Reviews: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1: Raymond Holt becomes the captain of the NYPD’s fictional 99th precinct and almost immediately clashes with Jake Peralta as he is childish but a great detective, who’s as immature as he is skilled at solving crimes. In other events, the precinct’s annual Halloween heist bet is established, Charles Boyle is shot in the butt while protecting partner Detective Rosa Diaz from a criminal with a grudge against Holt, the squad gets a glimpse into Holt’s home life at a party thrown by him and his husband Kevin, Charles begins a relationship with a woman that ends when their engagement is called off and Jake develops feelings for his partner, fellow detective Amy Santiago after winning a bet against her, that sees them go on a fake date and have a great time. The season ends with Jake going undercover.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1

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