Youngest Sister-in-law 2 (2019)

막내 형수 2
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Status: Full HDDuration: 76 minutes

Movie Reviews: Youngest Sister-in-law 2

Adult movie Youngest Sister-in-law 2: Hwa-jeong and Geon-woo are getting married soon. Geon-woo introduces his friends, Jae-kyeong and Yi-soo, to Hwa-jeong. After a few drinks, everyone goes to Yi-soo’s house for a second round. The party ends late at night and Jae-kyeong, who is a lightweight, staggers to the bathroom. He then mixes up the rooms and falls asleep in the room Hwa-jeong is sleeping in. By accident, Jae-kyeong ends up sleeping with his friend’s bride.

Adult movie Youngest Sister-in-law 2

곧 결혼하는 화정과 건우. 건우는 화정에게 자신의 친구인 재경과 이수를 소개한다. 기분 좋게 술을 마신 일행들은 2차로 이수의 집에 가게 된다. 밤늦게 술자리가 끝나고 술이 약한 재경은 새벽에 비몽사몽 깨어 화장실을 갖다 온 후 방을 착각하고 화정이 잠든 방으로 들어간다. 재경은 잠결에 예비 형수 화정과 자고 마는데.

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