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Movie Reviews: "Young Mother 5"

Ji-suk, a mother with a lot of money, wants to send her son, Se-hyuk, to the medical school. While looking for a competent private education coordination, although it succeeded in hiring a high-ranking entrance exam coordinator, ‘Starring’, which is selected and guided by only a handful of excellent students.

After hearing rumors, ‘Namjae,’ the father of Eun-tae, a high school examinee next door, hears rumors and comes into contact with ‘Main Cast’. Like this, the neighbors Se-hyeok and Eun-tae’s parents ‘Starring’, who was in trouble after entering a strange competition. Eventually, I would share the day of the week to go to both houses to teach Se-hyuk and Eun-tae.

Although they will agree with the two families, Eun Tae, who is a high school student, is not interested and only busy with high school girlfriends. Se-Hyuk starts talking to Mi-joo’s extracurricular teacher than the entrance exam.

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