The Life of the White Fox (2019)

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Movie Reviews: The Life of the White Fox

A fox demon cultivates behind closed doors through the help of the spirit pearl. With only a few days left until he completes his training, an unexpected encounter ruins everything. The fox is mistaken for a Samoyed and sent to the vet while the spirit pearl falls into the hands of the young woman who recklessly barged in.

After tripping over and falling on top of the fox demon, Xia Kui comes into the possession of the spirit pearl and plans to sell it on her Taobao shop as a fake antique item. Wanting to get his precious pearl back, fox demon Bai Xiao chases Xiao Kui all the way to her house only to discover that the spirit pearl has acknowledged her as its new owner. Intending to kill her to retrieve what’s his, Bai Xiao is momentarily distracted by the smell of the red braised pork belly that Xia Kui has cooked.

Opening his eyes to the new world around him, Bai Xiao discovers many interesting inventions.

As it turns out, Bai Xiao is a fox demon from the Tang Dynasty who woke up one day to realize that the times have changed. Xia Kui convinces Bai Xiao to let her live for a few more days so that she can finally confess her feelings to her crush. Their arrangement forces Xia Kui and Bai Xiao to live together. Unbeknownst to them, the spirit pearl’s reappearance has attracted the attention of dangerous creatures looking to steal the pearl for their own gain.

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