Sin of Flirtation (1999)

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Movie Reviews: Sin of Flirtation

Wei Yangsheng and Sai Kunlun live in the rivers and lakes, making a living by prostitution. Wei Yangsheng was wandering around the town boredly, but his lower body was bulging for no reason, and he was in a state of embarrassment. Sai Kunlun used intimidation methods to make Wei Yangsheng’s huge roots surrender, and soon Wei Yangsheng raised them again for no reason. Into the hands of Heifengzhai.
The two men disguised themselves as women and sent them to the village as female prisoners. In the end, the village owner’s wife and concubine Ji found out, and squeezed them dry. The village owner’s wife also revealed to the village owner that Weiyang’s giant roots were really miraculous, and asked the village owner to replace “him”.
Wei Yangsheng was tied to the miracle doctor for an operation. At the critical moment, Sai Kunlun overturned the “blunting agent” in the room and the three escaped and returned to the residence of the miracle doctor. The miraculous doctor’s assistant said that Wei Yangsheng’s descendant, Gen Gen, had been attracted by others and paid a high price in exchange for the red mole on his body. Wei Young was born with a bolt from the blue, determined that Tian Ya Hai would never find her “root” again.

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