Promiscuous Taxi (2022)

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Movie Reviews: Promiscuous Taxi

Because watching 18+ movies for more than 180 minutes, two beautiful but naughty girls Shen Nana and Su Yutang invited each other to rob. The two girls arm themselves and dress like the female spies in the adult movies they often watch. Then the two called a taxi, intending to go to a deserted place, then overpowered the driver to rob the car. But life is not like a dream, with just a few small plans, the driver quickly escaped the control of these two movie-loving sisters and controlled the opposite. Originally intended to report to the police, but the driver loved the two sisters who were too young and beautiful, their youth had not experienced life, so he did not report. In return, he took the two girls to a nearby hotel and shot them with his meat gun.

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