Princess Cum Vol. 14 (2022)

Princess Cum Vol. 14
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Gia Oh My is lying in bed reading with her vagina and ass hanging out of her miniskirt when her stepbrother, Apollo Banks, walks past her open door. Apollo debates whether to say anything, but when he comes back past Gia’s door he sees that she’s now on her back, skirt hiked up to expose it all. He goes into Gia’s room to ask what’s going on. That’s when Gia informs Apollo that she’s been reading an article about how airing out her pussy before sex is very important. Gia has a date tonight, so she thought she’d try it out right away.

Apollo is as understanding as he can be, but he also points out that Gia has some bed fuzz on her pussy lips. She asks him to take it off for her, which prompts her to suggest that maybe she has really exposed herself because she secretly wants to fuck her stepbrother. Gia goes on to tell Apollo that he has 30 seconds to finger her pussy or she’s putting it away. How could Apollo say no? He goes right to work finger banging his stepsis as she moans her delight. Sine Gia can feel that Apollo is nice and hard, she unzips his jeans to get at his hardon. Her handie quickly turns into a blowjob as her horniness overcomes her.

When Gia rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs, Apollo just goes ahead and shoves it right in. It turns out that Apollo’s stepsis is a wildcat in bed! She wants it on her hands and knees in doggy, which is the perfect opportunity for Apollo to worship her big ass with his hand. Gia rolls onto her side for some deep spooning sex next, but despite her orgasms she’s not finished with Apollo yet. Pushing her stepbrother onto his back, Gia climbs on top and sinks her hairy pussy down onto his fuck stick for a stiffie ride. She winds up on her back with Apollo going to town as he tries to peak. When he’s ready to cum, Apollo tries to pull out. Wrapping her legs and arms around him, Gia holds her stepbrother in for a creampie. Dripping with Apollo’s cum, Gia is all satisfied smiles.

Chloe Temple is waiting on the couch when her stepbrother Ricky Spanish walks in. She quizzes him about whether he just got home, to which he replies that of course he did. Once Ricky sits down beside Chloe on the couch, she rubs at her bare pussy that’s dripping beneath her miniskirt and squirms like crazy until Ricky asks if she’s okay. Of course Chloe claims to be okay, whereupon she gets up to fetch some ice cream while dripping all over the floor. When Chloe returns to the couch, she keeps dribbling all over the couch. Ricky notices and calls her out on it, which chases Chloe out of the room.

Later, Chloe corners Ricky in his bedroom to confess that she’s addicted to cum. Her boyfriend can only give it to her twice, but Chloe wants more. Ricky is confused enough that Chloe literally has to draw him a picture, but in the end he agrees to fuck her and bust a nut inside her. Pleased that she’s about to get her way, Chloe climbs on top of Ricky to straddle his legs and blow his cock. Once Ricky is nice and hard for her, Chloe hikes up her miniskirt and sinks her pussy down onto his fuck stick for a stiffie ride.

Leaning back, Chloe keeps her hips pumping to change up the angle of penetration with her stepbro. Then she gets on her hands and knees so that Ricky can slide back inside her and go to work pumping away to the tune or her moans. Chloe eventually winds up on her back with her thighs spread nice and wide to welcome her stepbrother back inside her creamy cooch. As Ricky gets closer, he begins to have second thoughts about cumming inside Chloe. Not about to take no for an answer, Chloe wraps her arms and legs around Ricky to keep him right where she wants him so she can enjoy her pussy full of jizz.

Haley Reed believes she’s an ice princess and that she can get her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, to do whatever she wants. She begins her quest to get into Nathan’s pants by blocking his view of the television. When she finally gets out of the way, Haley insists that she’s going to use her ice princess powers to get him to fuck her. Nathan blows her off, so Haley heads back to her bedroom to change into her ice princess costume. Returning to where Nathan is still trying to watch TV, Haley pesters and flirts with her stepbrother until he finally lets her take his stiffie out of his jeans and tug him off. Having his stepsister jerk him off with her gloves is a brand new experience, which gets Nathan even harder. Haley can’t resist the temptation to get on her knees between Nathan’s knees and open wide to blow him.

Since Nathan is clearly enjoying himself with the help of Haley’s ice powers, Haley decides to lead him back to her bedroom, aka her ice palace, to really have their way with one another. Nathan has finally given in to his stepsister’s insistence, so he goes along with her plan. Peeling Haley out of her ice princess costume, Nathan takes the time to indulge himself in her plump titties and hard nipples. When he has Haley naked, Nathan gets on his belly between her thighs to lick her meaty twat until she’s dripping with excitement and all ready for his cock. Nathan gets onto his knees and slides himself home to the tune of Haley’s mewls of happiness.

Once they’ve enjoyed their initial position, Haley insists on so much more. Nathan gets on his back so his stepsis can ride him in reverse cowgirl, even when she lifts her legs so he winds up doing all the work. Turning around, Haley bounces away in cowgirl. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Nathan can give it to her hard and fast. When Nathan gets Haley on her back so he can give her one last big O before he pulls out to take his own pleasure, his stepsister surprises him by wrapping her legs around him to keep him inside for a surprise creampie. It’s one last demonstration of Haley’s ice princess powers that leaves her grinning and Nathan stunned.

Joshua Lewis has some serious resentment of his stepsister Penelope Kay. He thinks she’s self-centered and spoiled. When he tries to confront Penelope about getting everything she wants, Penelope tells him that he’s wrong. She goes on to spell out the scenario that would play out if she really got everything she wants: A world where Joshua is happy to serve at her beck and call.

Penelope’s first few requests are simple enough, things like running her a bath and rubbing her feet. When Penelope tells Joshua that she’s horny and doesn’t want to wait for a booty call to show up, though, things take a sexy turn. She asks to see Joshua’s dick and then calls it a bit on the small side. When Joshua claims it’s because it’s not hard yet, Penelope flashes her tits and tells him to get it hard. It takes a bit of coaxing, but Penelope finally convinces Joshua to come fuck her.

Covering Penelope where she’s laying with her thighs spread, Joshua slides it in. He pulls out long enough for Penelope to suck her juices off of his dick, then turns her around and gives it to her in doggy. Penelope’s moans are loud and proud as she gets that booty spanked and that pussy pounded. Climbing into Joshua’s lap, Penelope rides her stepbrother in reverse cowgirl. She won’t stop until she has brought Joshua to the edge and then milked his cum from him in a creampie. As Penelope gloats about how this is what life would be like if she got everything she wanted, Joshua learns that his crazy hot stepsis isn’t really on birth control.

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