Play Games With Sexy Idols 2 (2022)

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Movie Reviews: Play Games With Sexy Idols 2

In China, there is a rather special service: “Playing games with idols”. Everyone knows that guys who love games always dream of having a “crush” to play games with. The “Playing with Idols” service allows these gamers to experience that. Just spend an amount corresponding to the idol’s HOT level, he will have a beautiful girl come to his house and play games with him. Xu Mu is one of the recent emerging idols. This was the first order she received with a tip as high as her monthly salary combined. The gamer who hired her wanted her to play shooters with him. But Xu Mu doesn’t know how to play this game. As a result, she caused the whole team to lose sml. Because he wanted to be rated 5 stars, Xu Mu invited the other gamer to play something else that was more fun and enjoyable, which was “playing” her.

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