My Life As Loan Shark (2019)

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Movie Reviews: My Life As Loan Shark

My Life As Loan Shark (街坊財爺) is a TV drama series produced by Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd .; produced by Zheng Zeshi, Yuan Qiongdan, Li Nuoyi, Huang Zhiwen and Shao Meiqi led the starring role and co-starred with Wu Yekun, Xu Jiajie, Jiang Liwen, Yuan Wenjie and Huang Jiale. Produced by Liang Caiyuan.

Loan-shark king Kent Chang has always used underworld tactics to run his loan-shark business and employs improper methods to collect debts. Although his wife Maggie Siu has urged him to wash his hands of the business, he is unrepentant. As Kent operates his business

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