If It Makes You Happy (2019)

당신이 기쁘다면
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Status: Full MovieDuration: 70 min

Movie Reviews: If It Makes You Happy

Housewife Konno Hikaru tries her best to maintain her married life.
She promised her husband she would prepare an outfit men like the most for their wedding present. Then she gets sick and is admitted to the hospital. However, the doctor, Min-soo, is a pervert. Every time he checks his female patients, he touches them all over their bodies. Hikaru is very beautiful and comes into Min-soo’s radar. Min-soo’s wife, Mahasaki Mao, is a nurse at the same hospital. She witnesses her husband having sex with Hikaru and seduces Hikaru’s husband, Won-hyo, out of spite.
When Hikaru leaves the hospital, she and her husband keep their secrets. Back home, Won-hyo is treated to cosplay by Hikaru. One day, perverted doctor Min-soo comes to Hikaru’s house as a robber. He rapes her and runs away. Min-soo’s wife also meets Won-hyo again and threatens him that she is pregnant and to have sex with him. Won-hyo feels bad for Hikaru, because she doesn’t have a child. They have power sex everyday so that Hikaru conceives a child and she is so happy…

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