Good Daughter Shen Nana (2022)

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Movie Reviews: Good Daughter Shen Nana

Mother died early, Shen Nana’s father because he loved her so much that he didn’t want to marry a stepmother, so the rooster raised the child. Years have passed, Shen Nana is now 18 years old, beautiful and charming. She also knew love, sex. Witnessing her father lamenting day by day, she knew that his father also wanted a woman by his side to keep him company. Shen Nana wants to be friends with her father. She introduced her father to an online gambling game for him to play. As a result, the father is addicted and only plugs his head into the phone every night. Can’t leave her father like this forever, Shen Nana knows that the cause of everything is the lack of girls. So the obedient daughter Shen Nana volunteered to sacrifice herself to bring her father out of the red and black tribulation.

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