Brother-in-laws Girlfriend (2021)

Brother-in-laws Girlfriend
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Movie Reviews: Brother-in-laws Girlfriend

Brother-in-laws Girlfriend is a Korean adult drama that revolves around the love triangle of Eun-mi, her boyfriend, and her brother-in-law. Eun-mi’s sister has been on a business trip with her boss for a month. During this time, Eun-mi always felt that her brother-in-law was looking at her with a lewd look. She even suspected her brother-in-law peeking at her dressing and bathing. But since there was no evidence, she could only choose to remain silent. She told this story to her boyfriend when the two had finished making love. Eun-mi’s boyfriend comforted her with his mouth, but a strange thought flashed in his mind. He secretly goes to find his brother-in-law and says that he can make love to his girlfriend freely. The brother-in-law was surprised by this. After learning the story of having to work with Eun-mi for a few days to get a break, the brother-in-law showed sympathy. Both men begin to plan to satisfy Eun-mi’s intense sexual needs.

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