Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain (2019)

A.K.A. Speckles the Tarbosaurus 2: The New Paradise
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Director: Han Sang-Ho

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Movie Reviews: Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain

Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain: In the Late Cretaceous, a young Tarbosaurus named Speckles boy. is pursued by a Tsintaosaurus. His father, Speckles, shows up to rescue him. Speckles scolds boy severely as he may are killed (and additionally thanks to the very fact that Jr is all Speckles has left). One day, once Speckles was searching some ceratopsian, boy is within the approach and finishes up in the water. He can’t swim, thus he necessitate facilitate, despite being in shallow water. Speckles is once more thwarted that Junior ought to have captive away.

Later that day, Jr. was forced to remain in a very stalk, his bed, he had flashbacks to what happened a protracted time agone. Speckles came to him and told him that his territory was jam-packed with dangers. Jr. has been warned

Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain

The next day, Jr. is searching a pachycephalosaur, once a pack of maniraptor nobble him. Speckles tries to fight the maniraptor, when following them, till they activate him however finishes up falling into the watercourse at very cheap of a gorge. Junior finds himself in a very place wherever several different young dinosaurs have additionally been seize. A Therizinosaurus tries to attack him, however a young Tarbosaurus named Blue attacks the Therizinosaurus back. A Carnotaurus, named Blade tells her too escape from the Therizinosaurus. The maniraptor come and take 3 different dinosaurs off from the dome and out of sight.

Meanwhile, Speckles is searching for boy., World Health Organization is obscurity to be seen. He meets a Saichania named Cy, World Health Organization desires to penalize the loss of a archosaurian he favorite. Jr., in the meantime befriends Blue and meets a Monoclonius, known as soiled, whereas searching for shelter. In a cave, Speckles and Cy are unfree by some Brontoscorpio. Speckles fights back, however a Brontoscorpio stings him. Luckily, Speckles and Cy are ready to drive them off.

Meanwhile, at the dome, Jr., Blue and soiled are attracted by food. soiled tries to eat some plants, however a Dsungaripterus steals them. Speckles and Cy are on their approach once a dune shakes and that they find yourself in a very dark pit. There, they meet a Tarbosaurus named Fang. Speckles and Fang fight back, however Fang told him she saved his life.

Jr., Blue and soiled try to hit rocks with their tails, however a maniraptor catches them and takes soiled all the far the dome. The Dsungaripterus says that a huge monster lives in a very cave wherever a volcano was close to erupt. Speckles, Fang and Cy meet a Pukyongosaurus herd and that they stop a pack of Carnotaurus from stealing Pukyongosaurus eggs. Junior tells Blade to undertake and escape this space, thus later that night, Junior distracts the maniraptor, whereas Blade and Blue throw stones at them. however Blue misses one, that the maniraptor follow them, capturing them once more.

The maniraptor capture the Dsungaripterus. Then, they chase Cy and have him unfree on a geological formation. Speckles and Fang arrive and ambush them. One maniraptor is left behind and knocked off by Cy. The pathway is blocked by boulders, however a herd of Pukyongosaurus clear the rocks.

The volcano begins to erupt and also the Dsungaripterus told them it’s erupting. Meanwhile, Speckles, Fang and Cy fight the maniraptor pack. Blade told the opposite dinosaurs to stampede out of the dome, as a result of the volcano is erupting. Speckles, Fang and Cy hunt for Junior. Blade fight a pair of maniraptor and also the Therizinosaurus over a pit of volcanic rock, then one hits and also the Therizinosaurus and the maniraptor fall to their doom into the volcanic rock pit.

Speckles and Fang finally notice boy, Blue and Blade, World Health Organization ran towards a watercourse. though Junior can’t swim, he jumps in beside Blue and Blade. once they dove down, they notice the cave the Dsungaripterus was talking regarding. There, they notice soiled beside some big iguanas which will eat dinosaurs. Luckily, Speckles and Fang were ready to save them. They found an enormous iguanid that was attempting to eat them. Junior sacrifices himself by belongings the iguanid hit him, and survives. The volcanic rock starts to erupt, and also the gang flees to safety

Having finally fell upon paradise, Cy says bye-bye to Speckles, Fang, Blue, Jr., Blade and soiled, World Health Organization all begin a replacement life along.

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