The Girl Next Door 3 (2019)

옆집소녀 3
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Movie Reviews: The Girl Next Door 3

The Girl Next Door 3 (옆집소녀 3): Young-soo, who goes to the rooftop to smoke, sees Eun-young, a student in front of the house hanging clothes. Young Soo puts the feelings of love in her heart in her pure grace. Eun-young has a school meeting, so she asks Hana to receive the goods for her, and Eun-young goes to thank Hana on her way home. Eun-young, surprised by the groans that she hears through the front door, opens her door slightly to see her wondering about Hana and Young-soo having sex on the couch. My body stumbles on my own. From then on, I’m suffering from the sound of sex in my head.

The Girl Next Door 3 (옆집소녀 3)

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