Fornication Urinal (2022)

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Movie Reviews: Fornication Urinal

There’s a rumor in Tang Fei’s company that every noon, when you enter the men’s WC and carefully hold your phone over the roof of each restroom, you can earn a pretty cool 18+ video. It is the fornication of couples who love each other or have an affair at work. At first, Tang Fei didn’t notice and didn’t care, because she had a husband. But since the office moved to a new colleague, extremely handsome Tang Fei seems to be caught up in the story of an affair at the office. She secretly admires that colleague and wishes that he was her husband. One day, the other colleague asked Tang Fei to have sex. She agreed and both went to the men’s WC to commit adultery. It wasn’t until now that Tang Fei learned that the rumor turned out to be true, and she has now become a part of the story of that rumor.

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