Female Dormitory Love Story 9 (2022)

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Movie Reviews: Female Dormitory Love Story 9

When they were still students, many young girls, because they were crazy fans of a certain idol, did extremely contemplative things. The saying “Parents stay at home, hunched over to go to school…” is also a hot trend among young people. Female Dormitory Love Story 9 will be a love story in the dormitory of Han Tang, a crazy fan of the male lead of the movie “Fast & Furious”. She even enlarged her idol’s photo and hung it all over the dorm room. One day, a roommate’s brother came from the countryside to visit his sister. At this time, her friend had class, so she went to class, and only Han Tang was left in the room. Han Tang was instantly stunned. Her roommate’s brother is too similar to the male god in her heart. He’s also bald like him, has a big body, has muscular muscles, and has similar facial features. Immediately, Han Tang thought of the guy in front of him as an idol. She frantically does everything he tells her to, including making love.

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