Enoshima Lovers 2 (2022)

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Movie Reviews: Enoshima Lovers 2

Enoshima Lovers Part 2 continues to revolve around the story of two sisters Sakurai Miri, Sakurai Miu and the luckiest young man with five cups of her sister. Shanghai man married a Japanese woman. This summer, he and his wife decided to go to Enoshima, a small island located in the city of Fujisawa, in the southern part of Kanagawa Prefecture. It has beautiful scenery with Sagami Bay and Mount Fuji, since ancient times, it has been a popular sightseeing spot continuously since the Edo period. The reason he and his wife came here was also to visit his wife’s sister who lived here. As soon as he met his wife’s beautiful sister, Shanghai wished he had such a beautiful wife, although his current wife’s beauty is not inferior to her sister-in-law. Shanghai’s sister-in-law also joined the enemy’s spear, she also glanced at him as if she wanted to be his lover during his days in Enoshima.

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