Taste of Wet Sisters (2023)

젖큰 자매의 맛
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Movie Reviews: Taste of Wet Sisters

Due to her sudden reassignment, Ye-seo ends up staying at the house of her older sister, Ye-jin. Although Ye-jin hates the sudden cohabitation with her younger sister, they end up living together happily thanks to the friendship between the sisters. Meanwhile, Ye-jin is troubled by the lack of compatibility with her lover, Kyeong-soo, so she throws him away. However, she feels that it’s a waste to throw Kyeong-soo away because he is still a good man, even though it’s not fun to have him, so she confides her concerns to Ye-seo and tells her to have Kyeong-soo. Ye-jin is also attracted to Ye-seo’s lover, Soo-cheol, so when he came to their house and fix the light, Ye-jin seduced Soo-cheol and ended up having sex with him while her younger sister was away. On the other hand, Ye-seo also calls Kyeong-soo to help her with her computer work, seduces him, and they have sex as well.

The secret sex life of Ye-jin and Ye-seo, two flirtatious sisters who swap lovers with each other, begins.

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