Nine Kilometers of Love (2019)

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Movie Reviews: Nine Kilometers of Love

Nine Kilometers of Love (九千米的爱情) is a youth inspirational love drama with the theme of aviation, directed by director Wen Jie, and starring actors such as Wang Yilun, Li Tingting, Zhang Yicong, Xia Zhiguang, Liu Luoxi. Most of the scenes of the play were shot by professional airlines. It was started in Chongqing on October 15, 2018, and was killed on December 25, 2018.  The play will premiere on Tencent’s video on August 29, 2019. Two episodes will be updated every Thursday and Friday at 20:00, and members will watch it next week in advance.

Nine Kilometers of Love focuses on the story of six people in their early twenties and their journey in the aviation industry. Lin Shu comes from an aviation family. His father influenced him to become a professional pilot at a really young age.

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