My Brother has a New Girlfriend (2022)

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Movie Reviews: My Brother has a New Girlfriend

Inheriting his father’s handsomeness and peach blossom, Xiao Cung’s brother changed his lover like a shirt. Every day I see my brother bring home a different lover. Among his brother’s girlfriends, Xiao Cung noticed Wei Li Na the most. She is more beautiful and gentle than her brother’s other girlfriends. It is said that Wei Lina has only known Xiao Cung’s brother for a week, now the two stop at the step of holding hands. Wei Lina came to the house today to play with his brother. Since she hadn’t had breakfast yet, she went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of instant noodles. Witnessing Wei Lina eating noodles in front of her, Xiao Gong looked at her with hunger. It’s not that he craves for noodles, but he wants to touch those big grapefruits, caress Wei Lina’s smooth skin.

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