Disciple of Deokjin Yuk (2020)

Korean Adult Movie
(10 votes, average: 6.00 out of 10)
Status: Full MovieDuration: 70 min

Movie Reviews: Disciple of Deokjin Yuk

Min-guk came to Japan to study Japanese and went to a language school. There, he meets the instructor Mao and falls in love with her … Hyo Beom, who attends the same lecture, and the head of the language school, who is smirking, are both busy chasing Mao. Min-guk, who truly loves Mao, does not like the men around Mao, and in the end confesses her sincerity to Mao. Mao also opens her heart to her Min-guk, and the two get close enough to give her private tutoring… Her director offers Mao the post of her vice-president and covets her… Indeed, Min-guk is her Can Mao and her love bear fruit?

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