Descendants of Adultery (2016)

불륜의 후예
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Movie Reviews: Descendants of Adultery

Descendants of Adultery is an 18+ Korean psychological drama directed by Lee Sang-soo. The plot of the film revolves around Soo-ji, a dermatologist. She is married and her husband is also a doctor working in the same department as her. However, she learns that her husband is also having an affair with a nurse at the hospital. During a medical examination, Soo-ji accidentally meets captain Kwon and gets his help. They then meet at the hospital and begin to feel attracted to each other. Soo-ji is tired of her fake married life with her cheating husband and falls in love with Kwon. They went camping together and had sex. Everything will be later if the doctor and his wife know the truth. How do they deal with that?

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