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Shopping King Louis Ep 9 MBC 20/10/2016

MBC Drama "Shopping King Louis Ep 9" Wed, Thu 22:00 (쇼핑왕 루이 9회 10/20/2016) 16 episodes | This is a romantic comedy drama about shopping King Louis and Ko Bok-sil. Louis was a man who would buy anything and everything with money until he met Ko Bok-il, an angel with no wings and experiences love he can't buy with money.

"Shopping King Louis" Live TV Online MBC Full HD. In the previous episodes, Louie and Bok Shil both ended up living at Jong Won's house. Louie posted something bad about Gold Line using the "Shopping King Louie" nickname and Bok Shil's account and Jong Won covered it up. Some pieces of memories came back to Louie again, his memories have been popping up since episode 5 and 6 and it's just a matter of time before he remembers them all. He said he used to live in a house that looked like a castle and owned 100 pairs of shoes, but Bok Shil and Jong Won dismissed it as a joke.
Spoilers for "Shopping King Louie" episodes 9 hint Louie will appear at Gold Line, his grandmother's very own company. Jong Won is looking for new workers and a scene shows Louie coming to the office in suit. Is he starting to work at the company? Bok Shil's co-workers will ask if he is her boyfriend and he will reply: "I'm more than that." His appearance in the company might be both good and bad. This would make him closer to her grandmother and butler Kim who are desperately searching for him now that they knew he is alive, yet it would also make him an easy target for Sun Goo who wanted to kill him.
Louie would think Jong Woon likes Bok Shil; he will ask him the truth while Bok Shil is present. Jong Won would finally confess to Bok Shil but she will reject him. On the other hand, Sun Goo has another plan. He asked Ma Ri to tell Bok Shil about Louie's connection to her brother's death to rip the two apart. On top of that, Louie would give shoes to Bok Shil as gift. Is this a premonition of their impending separation?

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