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MBC Drama "Father, I’ll Take Care of You Ep 3" Sat, Sun 22:00 (아버님 제가 모실게요 3회 – 첫 방송 11/19/2016) 50 episodes | A family drama about an elderly couple, who have raised all their 4 children, trying to live their own lives once they have left but their four children make a U-turn and come back home.

"Father, I’ll Take Care of You" Live TV Online MBC Full HD. Father, I Will Take Care of You is about an empty nest couple eager to finally live their life after raising four children only to have all four of them return to the nest at the same time. These selfish siblings who have only known themselves will rediscover the love they have for each other and their precious parents.

Park’s character is named Oh Dong-hee, an assistant writer bound by her slave-like contract. Her life has been replete with regret and suffering due to a terrible secret she’s harbored for twenty-six years while living under her brother’s shadow. Even though she’s tied down to her job, Dong-hee encounters new people at work who allow her to open her eyes to love again.

Info: Soompi, Video: marutv